Lauren Boenau


Michael Gross

Lauren  Boenau and Michael  Gross

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Our Story

Lauren and Michael met in May 2010 while working at Companion Animal Clinic. Michael had just completed his freshman year of college and Lauren was finishing her senior year of high school. Although the two attended the same elementary and high schools, they never crossed paths (it is possible that at some point Lauren picked on Michael at SACC in elementary school because she hated SACC and did this to pass the time). Lauren quickly began showing an obvious interest in Michael and tried to see if he felt the same way about her. She wasn’t entirely sure though, because she tried convincing him to pick up her dog’s droppings when they walked dogs together at work, and he refused. The two saw each other several times a week at work, and finally, Michael jumped the gun and asked Lauren to go to a party with him. At that party on July 9, 2010, Lauren and Michael officially became “boyfriend and girlfriend” and the rest is history.

Although Lauren left for college in Baltimore less than two months later, the couple stayed strong, visiting each other on weekends and taking advantage of holidays and summers together. They supported each other through college and first jobs, and decided to become roommates in July 2016, six years after beginning their relationship. A few weeks later, Lauren and Michael decided to adopt two kittens, Pippa and Kona. Lauren and Michael now had a purrfect little family.

In March 2018, the two travelled to Fountain Hills, Arizona to visit Lauren’s Uncle John at his winter home. They enjoyed exploring Scottsdale, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon together. The morning of their last day in Arizona, on March 16, Lauren and Michael went for a hike at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. When they reached the peak of the Scenic Trail, there was a sign where previous hikers had placed rocks indicating they had made it to the top. Michael asked Lauren if she wanted to put rocks on the sign too. She agreed, and started grabbing stones and placed them on the sign—one for her, one for Michael, one for Pippa, and one for Kona. As she placed the last rock Michael asked her, “do you want a real rock?” as he opened the ring box. In shock that after seven and a half years together Michael was finally proposing, Lauren asked “really?!” Michael put the oval diamond that was worn by Lauren’s Nana on her finger and the two were all smiles.
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